Researchers Connect Sleep Loss to Higher Rates of Illness, Credit: Vera Kratochvil/public domain Scientists have long associated sufficient sleep with good health. Now they've confirmed it. - Carnegie Mellon University Source: Short sleepers are four times more likely to catch a cold: Researchers connect sleep loss to higher rates of illness

The Neuroscience of Belonging

The brain has evolved to respond in predictable ways to threats in the physical environment. Similarly, the brain is attuned to identify and reinforce behaviours that benefit our survival. These threat and reward-related circuits are well described. For example the amygdala, the most well studies threat-related brain region, responds to universally threatening stimuli such as [...]

Health benefits of living in a community

People's physical and mental health is significantly greater in those who have links with their neighbours than those without. "In a typical Australian suburb, people who have links with their neighbours have better health than those who do not," said Professor Bush. "The links are often fairly simple - not only knowing your neighbours but [...]