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Re-setting friendships: What parents need to know about the return to school

Young people returning to school haven't just had their education disrupted but their whole lives, including their social lives. We've seen the issues caused by school closures, and reopening is bound to cause many more. Kids will not be returning to school as they left it, many will still be dealing with emotions caused by [...]

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7 skills to teach your daughter by age 13

Despite all the progress made, our society still puts women through the wringer emotionally. From impossible body standards, to victim blaming, to the pressure to always put others before themselves, there is a whole lot for women to deal with from their teens and beyond. Although parents and caregivers can't shield girls from the world, [...]

Teens have less face time with their friends – and are lonelier than ever

Ask a teen today how she communicates with her friends, and she’ll probably hold up her smartphone. Not that she actually calls her friends; it’s more likely that she texts them or messages them on social media. Today’s teens – the generation I call “iGen” that’s also called Gen Z – are constantly connected with [...]

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Do You Know These 10 Exercises For Boosting Happiness? 

galleryhip These are the top 10 interventions that are not discussed nearly enough – but they should be! I’ll also follow-up with a post about the top 10 most popular strategies for boosting happiness.  Here are 10 exercises that need more attention, and yes, character strengths are direct or indirect aspects of each. 1.) Letter from [...]

Exclusion More Harmful to Teens than Overt Bullying A UQ researcher has found that social exclusion among teens can be more harmful than direct bullying. UQ's Hannah Thomas led the research, which showed that teens find exclusion more harmful than better known forms of bullying like teasing and rumour-spreading. Ms Thomas's study – a survey of 10,273 Victorian high school students in [...]

Depression Not Contagious, But Happiness Spreads Among Friends

Teenagers with depression who have a good circle of healthy-minded friends are double as likely to recover from the condition within 6 to 12 months. Photo by SpeedKingz/Shutterstock Researchers found that while depression does not spread among friends, happiness is contagious in circles of friends and may be the key to treating and [...]

Happiness: Large Circle Of Friends Is Key To Well-Being In Midlife

You really can get by with a little help from your friends. A new study of 6,500 Britons found that at age 50, having regular interactions with a wide circle of friends has a significant impact on psychological well-being, and is especially important to the happiness of women. For men, family is more important to [...]

Health benefits of living in a community

People's physical and mental health is significantly greater in those who have links with their neighbours than those without. "In a typical Australian suburb, people who have links with their neighbours have better health than those who do not," said Professor Bush. "The links are often fairly simple - not only knowing your neighbours but [...]

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