Young people returning to school haven’t just had their education disrupted but their whole lives, including their social lives.

We’ve seen the issues caused by school closures, and reopening is bound to cause many more. Kids will not be returning to school as they left it, many will still be dealing with emotions caused by COVID-19, and these factors added to natural changes in relationships is bound to cause strain and distress.

Michelle Mitchell’s latest article relates how parents and educators can help guide young people through this emotional rollercoaster. From the new friendship dynamics that may have been formed during closures, to heightened mental health issues, to helping young people prepare for the future, the article is a comprehensive treatment of supporting young people during these trying times.

Young people have risen to the challenges posed by this latest crisis admirably, but they still need your guidance. This article will help you to get started.

Read the full article by Michelle Mitchell: Re-setting Friendships: What Parents Need to Know About the Return Back to School

Feature image source: Pexels