These are the top 10 interventions that are not discussed nearly enough – but they should be! I’ll also follow-up with a post about the top 10 most popular strategies for boosting happiness. 

Here are 10 exercises that need more attention, and yes, character strengths are direct or indirect aspects of each.

1.) Letter from the future

Write a letter from “your future self” to yourself in the present. In the letter, describe how positive your life is, the many goals you’ve achieved, and how you used your character strengths to get there.

2.) Social spending

Identify a friend or stranger in need. Spend a small amount of money on your friend (e.g., a food purchase or a token item).

3.) Signature strengths at work

Examine your top five character strengths on the VIA Survey. Write about how you can use each of these in your average workday. Be concrete and specific.

4.) Positive mental time travel

Before you go to bed at night, close your eyes and vividly imagine at least four positive events that could possibly happen the next day. See yourself using your character strengths in each event.


Source: Do You Know These 10 Exercises For Boosting Happiness? Probably Not. | Character Strengths