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How Does Ice Use Affect Families And What Can They Do?

Some of the greatest impacts of drug use are on families, but families sometimes feel in a position of little control when it comes to responding. Often they receive mixed messages about what they should do. Ice or crystal meth, the strongest form of methamphetamine, has arguably the biggest impact on families of all drugs. [...]

Are Teachers Equipped To Deal With The Ills Of Society?

Flickr Images A teacher’s role has always been much more than simply imparting the fundamental skills of reading, writing and arithmetic. In any one day a teacher might also play the role of counsellor, friend, mediator, life coach, guardian or confidant. Working directly with our future generations of adults, society places a large [...]

Middle Class And Addicted To Ice

Two years ago, Melbourne man Jarrod was aged in his early 30s. From a middle class background, he had been privately educated, achieved a university degree, married and had a daughter. He was an IT executive and worked long hours, but had plenty of friends to spend time with on the weekends. He was also [...]

Debunking the Ice Epidemic

The ice epidemic! New stories, new perspectives every day in the news. But what is really happening? Are we facing an ice epidemic? I want to begin by highlighting the truths and myths of ice use in Australia. Let’s start with the latest research. According to the 2013 National Drug Strategy Household Survey, 2.1% of [...]

Alcohol a Bigger Problem than Ice, Says Jeff Kennett

Former Victorian premier Jeff Kennett has questioned what Tony Abbott's ice taskforce will achieve and appealed for "courageous" leadership on the bigger problem of alcohol. Mr Kennett has called for a total ban on alcohol advertising and sponsorships, saying the key to tackling the ice epidemic is education. His stand was endorsed by the president [...]

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5 Things Families Can Do To Stop The Rise Of Meth

Recent news of former NSW premier’s daughter Harriet Wran being charged with murder is another illustration of Australia’s growing problem with the drug ice. Wran, who is said to have been battling an ice addiction, has been charged with murder, attempted murder, and breaking and entering while armed with a knife, along with Michael Lee. Another [...]

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Net Savvy: National Drugs Campaign

National drugs Campaign (NDC) website Tel: 1800 250 015 The Australian government has established a website to support their Australian Governments National Drugs Campaign (NDC). This campaign aims to help young people and parents understand the harmful affects and consequences of drug use. The NDC has been running since 2001 and has a number of [...]

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