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The 4 Traits That Put Kids At Risk Of Addiction

Pixabay Images Drug education is the only part of the middle school curriculum I remember — perhaps because it backfired so spectacularly. Before reaching today’s legal drinking age, I was shooting cocaine and heroin. A new antidrug program tested in Europe, Australia and Canada is showing promise. Called Preventure, the program, developed by [...]

5 Things Families Can Do To Stop The Rise Of Meth

pixshark Recent news of former NSW premier’s daughter Harriet Wran being charged with murder is another illustration of Australia’s growing problem with the drug ice. Wran, who is said to have been battling an ice addiction, has been charged with murder, attempted murder, and breaking and entering while armed with a knife, along with [...]

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Drugs and alcohol: the secret life of us

Scores of middle-class Australians are drinking at dangerous levels and ending up in emergency departments with alcohol-related problems, the largest survey of Australians' present drug and alcohol use has found. Addiction medicine specialists say the Global Drug Survey of 22,000 people worldwide has identified a largely invisible group of professional Australians who are drinking excessively, [...]

Australian Medical Association calls for legal drinking age to be lifted to 25

THE legal drinking age should be lifted to 25 to stop young people becoming addicted to alcohol and limit the violence associated with drunkenness, the head of the nation's peak medical organisation says. AMA president Dr Steve Hambleton said the human brain was still developing until the age of 25 and exposure to alcohol earlier [...]

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