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The 4 Traits That Put Kids At Risk Of Addiction

Pixabay Images Drug education is the only part of the middle school curriculum I remember — perhaps because it backfired so spectacularly. Before reaching today’s legal drinking age, I was shooting cocaine and heroin. A new antidrug program tested in Europe, Australia and Canada is showing promise. Called Preventure, the program, developed by [...]

Understanding Aggression And Violence: A Risk And Protection Approach

Think Stock Parents and professionals who work with children often face the issue of aggressive behaviour and how to manage it. There are many ways to think about how to address this issue, but one approach that is gaining interest involves looking for ways to reduce the number of influences that increase the [...]

More Than Half Of Australian Infants Have Risk Factors For Adult Mental Illness

A study on mental health published in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry reveals that one in 10 infants were born to mothers who consumed alcohol daily and two-thirds of children aged 12–13 years had parents who displayed low warmth or exhibited high hostility or anger. Photograph: Alamy More than half [...]

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