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Hands Up If You’re Not A Maths Person!

How old were you when you decided that you weren’t any good at sport? Or that you couldn’t sing? When did you decide that you weren’t a maths person or that you couldn’t draw to save your life? Was it last week? In your late 30s? Early 20s? Late teens? Early teens? In primary school [...]

From learning in infancy to planning ahead in adulthood: Sleep’s vital role for memory

Babies and young children make giant developmental leaps all of the time. Sometimes, it seems, even overnight they figure out how to recognize certain shapes or what the word "no" means no matter who says it. It turns out that making those leaps could be a nap away: New research finds that infants who nap [...]

Australian Medical Association calls for legal drinking age to be lifted to 25

THE legal drinking age should be lifted to 25 to stop young people becoming addicted to alcohol and limit the violence associated with drunkenness, the head of the nation's peak medical organisation says. AMA president Dr Steve Hambleton said the human brain was still developing until the age of 25 and exposure to alcohol earlier [...]

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