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The Australian government has established a website to support their Australian Governments National Drugs Campaign (NDC). This campaign aims to help young people and parents understand the harmful affects and consequences of drug use.

The NDC has been running since 2001 and has a number of phases that have focussed on particular drugs. The focus of each phase depends on the emerging drug trends at the time of being in the media. This varies over time as drug culture changes.

February 2010 – current phase of the Campaign launched and focuses on:
Marijuana (Cannabis), and
Methamphetamine (ice)

The aim of the National Drugs Campaign is to contribute to a reduction in the uptake of ecstasy, marijuana (Cannabis), methamphetamine (ice) and other illicit drugs among young Australians, by raising awareness of the harms associated with drug use and encouraging and supporting decisions not to use. It will also encourage young people using illicit drugs to re-consider their use and direct them to relevant support, counselling and treatment services.

The target audiences for the Campaign:

    People aged 18-25 years who are at-risk of, or currently use ecstasy, marijuana and/or methamphetamineTeenagers aged 15-17 yearsYoung adults aged 25 years and over who are current users of ecstasy, marijuana and/or methamphetamine, andParents of 15-25 year olds.

Key overall messages

    There are specific risks and harms associated with using ecstasy, marijuana and methamphetamineThere are specific risks and harms associated with using illicit drugs (generally)There are real benefits to not using ecstasy, marijuana and methamphetamine and other illicit drugsThere is a range of information available on the facts about illicit drugs including ecstasy, marijuana and methamphetamines, and

    There are a range of support and treatment options available to help cease using illicit drugs.

The website includes information on the following:
Information for parents
This section gives parents tips on how to talk to their children about drugs and some reasons why young people take drugs, to help parents understand where their children are coming from.

The information will equip parents to talk with their children so they are informed and able to reach out to them in an honest and open way.

Information for schools
This section is helps identify and access relevant information on:
• effective drug education
• managing drug use issues

The website contains a comprehensive database of information about resources, policies and materials for drug education and incident management.

These resources have has been designed for school principals and administrators, classroom teachers, pastoral care/welfare staff and chaplains, specialist counsellors, psychologists, school nurses, school councils/boards, student teachers and tertiary educators of pre-service teachers.

Information and help for youth
This section directly addresses the youth and explains the different affects of drugs and gives them advice on many aspects of drug use including:

  1. Avoiding situations
  2. How to get help for yourself and others

Writer Helen Splarn. Editor Dr Ramesh Manocha

Source: National Drugs Campaign