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Regional Kids Get Support Through New Trauma Program

Children under 15 in out-of-home care in regional and remote NSW will receive specialised support through a new outreach program to manage their trauma. The new program, OurSPACE will focus on improving family relationships and strengthening the foster and kinship placements of young people in care, regardless of where they live in NSW and without [...]

Understanding the NDIS: A History of Disability Welfare from ‘Deserving Poor’ to Consumers in Control

On July 1, 2016, the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) moved from a trial phase to a full national roll-out. In this series on Understanding the NDIS, we explore how the scheme works, why Australia needs it, and the issues to be addressed before eligible Australians, such as many Indigenous people with disability, can receive [...]

The NDIS is Delivering ‘Reasonable and Necessary’ Supports for Some, but Others are Missing Out

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is required by law to provide “reasonable and necessary supports” to help eligible people with a disability live more independently. Determining what supports are reasonable and necessary involves subjective assessments by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA), which administers the scheme, or its contractors. This makes for a tricky process. The [...]

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10 minute activist: Message on a bottle

Despite the fact that nearly a year has passed since the Australian and New Zealand Food and Health Ministers recommended that the alcohol industry be given two years to voluntarily implement alcohol warning labels, less than 16%* of alcoholic products carry a consumer information message. Of those that do, 98% take up less than 5% [...]

The Traffic Lights framework for sexual behaviours in children

All children: have the right to be safe and protected from harm have the right to accurate, age-appropriate information and education need positive responses to develop understanding rather than guilt, shame and confusion, and need to learn about rules, boundaries and social cues gradually and developmentally. The Traffic Lights framework The Traffic Lights framework provides [...]

National Child Protection Week

30,000 Australian children were proven to have been abused or neglected in 2009*. This year National Child Protection Week falls between September 4 and 10 2011. This year's theme is Play Your Part  to keep children safe. National Child Protection Week is a national campaign held annually throughout Australia to raise awareness of child abuse [...]

UNICEF call for greater care for our teenagers

18% of world’s population are between 10 and 19 years old* The targets set by the UN Millennium Development Goals in 2000 focused on young children; however UNICEF’s annual State of the World’s Children report highlights the more pressing need that is currently being experienced by adolescents worldwide. This comes as new figures show that [...]

Children who see domestic violence are also scarred

A new report, Children’s exposure to domestic violence in Australia,  released by the Australian Institute of Criminology, says that children who see domestic violence in the home are actually being subjected to child abuse. The report urges the Gillard Government to begin reforms to the family law system to protect children who are at risk. [...]

Social and economic impact of drinking and smoking

22,000 deaths a year caused by tobacco and alcohol consumption and related illnesses. Tobacco, like alcohol and other drugs, has a tremendous social and economic impact on the health and wellbeing of Australian communities. In an effort to make smoking less appealing the Government is about to introduce the plain packaging legislation. Another step in [...]

Free Seminar: Generation Next – Public Parenting Seminar

This is a free seminar that is open to the public, especially parents and care givers. Seats are limited. You must register and have a ticket to gain entry. Where: St Mary’s College, Mary Street, Woodend, Ipswich QLD When: Sunday 22 May 2011 HOW TO GET A TICKET Phone The Base Youth Agency on 07 3818 [...]

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