Sex Disease Surge in US State Partly Blamed on Hook-up Apps

Tinder, Grindr and other mobile "hook-up" apps have been blamed for a spike in sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in the US state of Rhode Island.‬ From 2013 to 2014, infections of syphilis increased by 79 per cent, gonorrhea cases rose 30 per cent and new HIV diagnosis increased by about a third, according to data [...]

Teens Watching P0rn – Two Reasons That’s a Problem

The prevalence of teens perusing porn sites should raise concerns for two reasons: recent research regarding p0rn and the brain, and a growing number of sexual-health experts and young men claiming that Internet p0rn is causing sexual dysfunctions. - Gabe Deem via Porn: Many Teens Watch It, and Two Reasons That's a Problem | Gabe Deem.

Are Schools Really Well Placed To Help?

In last weekend’s Sydney Morning Herald, I read an article that stated, “Homophobic bullying rife in high school PE lessons.” The article went on to say that a study funded by beyondblue, found 98 per cent of students had heard casual homophobia in their PE classes, while more than 80 per cent heard it frequently. [...]

Five Myths About HIV In Australia‏

Australia had a quick and effective response to HIV at the start of the epidemic. Some 30 years later, however, there’s a tendency to underestimate the sheer effort involved in maintaining HIV prevention responses. Misinformation and lazy assumptions about quick fixes can mar sustained and effective HIV prevention. The nation’s initial response was multifaceted. On [...]

Hollywood gets blame for sex disease hike

New Zealand's chlamydia rate is getting worse because of excessive drinking by young people and a Hollywood-inspired culture of sex without commitment, specialists say. Nationally more than 8000 cases of the sexual infection were treated in clinics last year, up from 6959 in 2006. "We have all the media in the world encouraging people to [...]

Parents tell teenagers: have sex, just not at home

80% of parents accept their child will have sex before marriage 25% of parents won't let their child’s partner share a bed 20% of parents think 16 is ok to have sex* SBS TV programming is renowned for pushing the boundaries in our society by asking the difficult questions. Recently they conducted an [...]

Schoolies: booze, fights and risky sex are the only option available to young people

A recent study on schoolies behaviour patterns confirms general perceptions about what young people do during the week long "celebration" at the Gold Coast. However it also revealed that many young people don't regard it as a positive experience but do it because it is considered the social norm and there are no other alternatives. Chief executive [...]

Boob tube: All-pervading Porn Another Step Closer

The pornography industry's ongoing efforts to maximise the accessibility of porn has taken another step. And the industry has made it clear what their longs term aim is..... all pervading porn. The contribution of media outlets to the increasingly toxic social and cultural environment is fundamental. Sooner or later they must realise that they must take [...]

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Girl’s binge drinking is putting them at risk

10% of teenagers are putting they health at risk by binge drinking 10% of teenagers binge drink once a week 20% of teenagers binge drink once a month* Young women are opening themselves up to unplanned and sometimes unwanted sexual encounters by binge drinking. A yet to be published study carried out by the University [...]

Teens bow to peer pressure and sext to be accepted

New government funded research has found that the peer pressure on teenagers to send and receive sexually explicit images of each other as a way of fitting in and being accepted is huge. According to Melbourne University researcher Shelley Walker, this pressure in turn is coming from the media who are increasingly sexualising and normalising [...]