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Five Myths About HIV In Australia‏

Australia had a quick and effective response to HIV at the start of the epidemic. Some 30 years later, however, there’s a tendency to underestimate the sheer effort involved in maintaining HIV prevention responses. Misinformation and lazy assumptions about quick fixes can mar sustained and effective HIV prevention. The nation’s initial response was multifaceted. On [...]

How Casual Sex Can Lead To Mental Health Issues Later

Poor mental health and casual sex contribute to each other over time among teen and young adults, a new study published in the Journal of Sex finds. Researchers at Ohio State University found that teens who showed symptoms of being depressed were more likely than others to have casual sex. It also discovered an inverse [...]

Girl’s night out: the chilling truth

61% of year 12 girls have had sex A recent article in the Sydney Morning Herald looked at the secret lives of teenager girls; what they get up to when they are out on the town. For many parents it must have been a stomach churning read. OK everyone was young once, but the lines [...]