The Feel-Good Gene: Those with Naturally High Levels of Anandamide Less Anxious and Fearful

In Australia, anxiety is even more common than depression. In fact, about one in four of us suffer from it. The general belief is that stress or circumstances cause it. But, this might not necessarily be the case. Richard Friedman, a professor of clinical psychiatry at Weill Cornell Medical College, says some of us have a feel-good [...]

Are Schools Really Well Placed To Help?

In last weekend’s Sydney Morning Herald, I read an article that stated, “Homophobic bullying rife in high school PE lessons.” The article went on to say that a study funded by beyondblue, found 98 per cent of students had heard casual homophobia in their PE classes, while more than 80 per cent heard it frequently. [...]

Don’t Stigmatise the ADHD Debate

A few months ago I wrote a piece highlighting the different rates of ADHD diagnosis in Australia compared to those in France. It appeared that ADHD could be something of an “Aussie thing.”   Last weekend, I read an article in the Sydney Morning Herald that highlighted the risks associated with ADHD medication, and rates [...]

Over exposure is making teens pawns to porn

A 15-year-old boy confided in me after I addressed his class at a Sydney school last year. He cried as he told me he had been using porn since the age of nine. He didn’t have a social life, had few friends, had never had a girlfriend. His life revolved around online porn. He wanted [...]