Coles Withdraws Lads’ Mag Zoo Weekly from Sale after Staff Complaint and Online Campaign

A recent edition of Zoo Weekly, Ms Pintur said Zoo Weekly "teaches boys that girls like me and my friends exist purely for their sexual use. I couldn't understand why Coles and Woolworths, which pride themselves in their corporate responsibility, family values, and care for their local communities could profit from selling this harmful product. By discontinuing Zoo, Coles has finally done the [...]

Girl’s binge drinking is putting them at risk

10% of teenagers are putting they health at risk by binge drinking 10% of teenagers binge drink once a week 20% of teenagers binge drink once a month* Young women are opening themselves up to unplanned and sometimes unwanted sexual encounters by binge drinking. A yet to be published study carried out by the University [...]

The Traffic Lights framework for sexual behaviours in children

All children: have the right to be safe and protected from harm have the right to accurate, age-appropriate information and education need positive responses to develop understanding rather than guilt, shame and confusion, and need to learn about rules, boundaries and social cues gradually and developmentally. The Traffic Lights framework The Traffic Lights framework provides [...]