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Young Men Need To Talk More About Their Feelings

In the debut of a new Life Matters series clinical psychologist Andrew Fuller, long time educator and resolution consultant John Hendry, and our very own Michael Mackenzie sit down once a week to do what men should do more. Talk about feelings. They begin with the treacherous path to finding Love. - Andrew Fuller, John [...]

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The Pressures Of Acting Like A “Real” Man And The Mental Health Issues This Causes In Young Males

A rigid construct of how “real” men are supposed to behave leaves many feeling trapped, new research we carried out suggests. While most support gender equality, the young men in the UK, US and Mexico reported feeling pushed to live in the “man box”. They feel pressure to act tough, hide weakness and “look good”. [...]

Gaming And Porn Are Changing Men’s Brains

Pixabay Images Leading American Psychologist Philip Zimbardo recently discussed how men are getting left behind. For the first time in history young men are less educated than their fathers. The American Paediatric Society's 2013 study found that teenagers spend more time engrossed in media than they do in school and that time on [...]

I’m A Man And I Have An Eating Disorder. That’s Not A Contradiction

‘It all came flooding back when I read Wentworth Miller’s post on being body-shamed by a meme making fun of his weight.’ Photograph: Mitch Jenkins/five I don’t remember the first time I purged. I remember it being a habit, a nightly ritual. I remember the pattern of the bathroom tiles in my parents’ [...]

Male Teacher Numbers Dwindling, Work In Education An ‘Isolating Experience’ For Men

PHOTO: Early Childhood Education lecturer and MENtor Program Coordinator Martyn Mills-Bayne with student Akash Krishna. (ABC News: Rebecca Opie) Male teachers are a rare sight in primary schools across Australia and, as the number of men enrolling in education dwindles, some fear they could become a thing of the past. At the University [...]

Women of All Ages More Likely to Have Serious Mental Health Problems than Men

Women in every age group in the United States were more likely than men to have serious mental health problems, according to federal health statistics released Thursday. The report from the National Center for Health Statistics, part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, also found that more than one-fourth of people age 65 [...]

How to Stop Radicalisation of Australian Youth

Older generations mean well and are trying to find the answers to a growing problem. But when it comes to young people, it is hard to know what is going on in our minds. When there is already so much resistance from young people to any government-designed idea, it is not going to work. The [...]

Men Tend to Be More Narcissistic Than Women

With three decades of data from more than 475,000 participants, a new study on narcissism from the University at Buffalo School of Management reveals that men, on average, are more narcissistic than women. Forthcoming in the journal Psychological Bulletin, the study compiled 31 years of narcissism research and found that men consistently scored higher in narcissism across multiple [...]

Men and Women Process Emotions Differently

Red and yellow indicates the more active areas of the brain when images are rated as highly stimulating. Green indicates the areas that specifically become more active in women. Credit: MCN, University of Basel Women rate emotional images as more emotionally stimulating than men do and are more likely to remember them. However, [...]

Neuroscience Has Proved That P0rn is Literally Making Men’s Brains More Juvenile

Scientists are now seeing that continued exposure to porn gives the brain an unnatural high—something it literally isn’t wired to handle—and the brain eventually fatigues. Anatomy and physiology instructor Gary Wilson notes this is the same pattern noticed when drugs are abused: the brain becomes desensitized. More of the drug or harder drugs are needed [...]

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