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Children Using Social Media, Mobiles to Report Sex Abuse

A growing number of children are using social media and mobile friendly websites to come forward with complaints of sexual abuse, the Royal Commission has been told. One of the country's largest sexual assault services told the commission's ongoing examination of child sex abuse on Wednesday that it was receiving a large number of reports [...]

The Psychology of iSheep

The reputation of Apple’s fans is as well known as Apple’s products. These are the people who have already started lining up outside Apple stores, just to be first to own the latest iPhone. When they are not in line, they scour the Internet for articles that affirm their belief in Apple’s products, reacting swiftly [...]

Frequent cell phone use linked to anxiety, lower grades and reduced happiness in students

Today, smartphones are central to college students' lives, keeping them constantly connected with friends, family and the Internet. Students' cell phones are rarely out of reach whether the setting is a college classroom, library, recreational center, cafeteria or dorm room. As cell phone use continues to increase, it is worth considering whether use of the [...]

Cell phones used to measure happiness

In a study involving volunteers who agreed to provide information about their feelings and locations, the researchers found that cell phones can efficiently capture information that is otherwise difficult to record, given today's on-the-go lifestyle. This is important, according to the researchers, because feelings recorded "in the moment" are likely to be more accurate than [...]

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Top tips for schools to combat cyber bullying

65% of year 4 students experienced covert bullying It seems ironic that a young student in the USA, Jessica Barba, was recently suspended for highlighting the dangers and traumas that many students struggle with when they become the targets of cyber bullying. What started out as a school assignment ended up as an online anti-bullying [...]

Helping young people with mental health issues use social media safely

27% of 18 to 24 year olds suffer mental health issues* The transition of young people into adults is no doubt an awkward phase for most teenagers. It is a time when they are most vulnerable to mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders and addictions. Their understanding of these states of being [...]

Sexting: 5 tips to keep teenagers safe

90% of 15 to 17 year olds own a mobile phone* Girlfriend magazine: 40% of girl readers had sent explicit photos Mental Health & Wellbeing of Young People seminar speaker and Cyber safety expert Susan McLean defines sexting as: the act of sending sexually explicit messages or photos electronically, primarily between mobile phones, but can [...]

Sexting in the USA- New Survey Results

 The Crimes Against Children Research Center conducted two national surveys to develop a better understanding of sexting. The Third Youth Internet Safety Survey was a telephone survey done in 2010 with national sample of 1560 youth Internet users aged  10–17 years and their parents.  Almost 10% of youth (mostly girls aged 16–17 years) said they had "appeared [...]

Phones, Teens and Sleep

As we come to realise how important good quality sleep is for both health and education, we find that many teens are compromising on sleep in order to stay connected to friends via their mobile phones! Pillow talk wearing phone-obsessed teens out | Herald Sun.

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