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Ashton Kutcher’s High-Tech Approach to Saving Sex Trafficking Victims

According to the FBI, sex trafficking of children in this country has become a nationwide problem. And traffickers target troubled girls with low self-esteem -- girls like Alyssa Beck. Beck was just a naïve 15 year old living in Jacksonville, Florida, when she found herself trapped in a sex trafficker's web. She would be in [...]

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Online Grooming Of Children ‘Alarmingly Fast’, Researchers Find

Flickr Images Online groomers rarely pose as children and can succeed in persuading a child to meet in less than half an hour, according to researchers probing the way in which sexual predators target victims online. The UK-based research team behind the findings say they hope to overturn common misconceptions about how online [...]

‘Like A Spider That Keeps Building Its Web’: Family of Sexual Abuse Survivor Speaks Out

Pixabay Images When Meg was 12, her mother, Annie, found herself unable to look at her. Seeing her daughter made Annie feel unsettled, at times almost angry. At first, she couldn’t figure out why. “And then, Meg turned 13 and suddenly, everything slid into place for me,” Annie says. “I found myself thinking, [...]

Children Using Social Media, Mobiles to Report Sex Abuse

A growing number of children are using social media and mobile friendly websites to come forward with complaints of sexual abuse, the Royal Commission has been told. One of the country's largest sexual assault services told the commission's ongoing examination of child sex abuse on Wednesday that it was receiving a large number of reports [...]

Sex Abuse Victim Lashes Out at Church Elders at Royal Commission

A man who was repeatedly molested by his youth pastor lashed out at church elders, accusing them of using the child sexual abuse royal commission to "justify their failings and minimise their responsibilities". In a statement read out to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Abuse, the man, now aged in his mid-20s, [...]

Google, Microsoft ramp up fight against online child pornography

In response to the longtime, alarming proliferation of photos and videos containing child pornography on the Internet, Web search giants Google and Microsoft plan to introduce measures to block the content from their search results. The modifications will prevent more than 100,000 search terms from generating results that link to images and videos associated with [...]

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