Petition on ‘Dangerous’ Cosmetic Surgery Kids Apps

At first glance they look innocent enough. But most parents don’t realise these common apps are seriously damaging our kids. Children as young as three are being taught to critique their own bodies and appearance through “dangerous” cosmetic surgery apps, experts have warned. A range of these games can be found on various app stores, [...]

Sarahah: Anonymous App Dropped From App Stores After Bullying Accusations

A wildly popular anonymous messaging app has been removed from the Apple and Google stores after accusations that it has been facilitating bullying. But the company's chief executive denies the claims and says the app isn't meant to be used by younger teens. Katrina Collins was appalled by the anonymous messages her 13-year-old daughter was [...]

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Google’s Efforts To Cultivate Safe And Responsible Digital Behaviours

Google Australians are increasingly active online, taking advantage of the economic, social and cultural benefits that the Internet offers. Australia has a healthy and promising digital economy which is set to provide further growth and opportunity1. Based on our experience, we believe that ‘over the top’ digital service providers are motivated to work [...]

The Google Misery Index: The Times of Year We’re Most Depressed, Anxious and Stressed

Depression. Anxiety. Pain. Stress. Fatigue. Below, I've plotted the past year’s worth of daily Google search interest in these five terms, which I've aggregated into a index of misery. - Christopher Ingraham via The Google misery index: The times of year we’re most depressed, anxious and stressed - The Washington Post.

Google makes us all Dumber

In a remarkably short period of time, we have become habituated to an endless supply of easy answers. You might even say dependent. Google is known as a search engine, yet there is barely any searching involved anymore. The gap between a question crystallizing in your mind and an answer appearing at the top of [...]

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Google, Microsoft ramp up fight against online child pornography

In response to the longtime, alarming proliferation of photos and videos containing child pornography on the Internet, Web search giants Google and Microsoft plan to introduce measures to block the content from their search results. The modifications will prevent more than 100,000 search terms from generating results that link to images and videos associated with [...]

UK urges Google, Yahoo to act on child pornography

British Prime Minister David Cameron challenged the internet search engine providers Google, Yahoo and Bing on Sunday to block images of child abuse, calling for more action against online pornography. via UK urges Google, Yahoo to act on child pornography.

Web giants unite to stop child abuse

The world's largest and most popular internet sites are in secret discussions to create a system that could wipe child abuse images from the web. Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Twitter and at least three other companies have signed up to, or are talking about, the project which would lead to the creation of a single database. [...]

Google Unleashes New Weapon And Millions of Dollars To Fight Child Porn

Finally the question of child pornography on the Internet is gaining some real traction and Google, with its huge investment, is to be congratulated for helping to bring that about. via Google Unleashes New Weapon And Millions of Dollars To Fight Child Porn - Forbes.