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Tumblr Bans Non-Consensual Creepshots and Deepfake Porn

Tumblr is to ban content that results in the "unwanted sexualisation or sexual harassment of others". The social network says this includes non-consensual "creepshots" - sexually suggestive photos of clothed victims. In addition, it said it covers "deepfake" pornography, in which computer-generated images of a subject's face are transplanted onto explicit photos or videos of [...]

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India Orders Clampdown on Internet Porn

An Indian man uses the internet at a cyber cafe in Allahabad, India on Monday. Photo: AP - India has blocked hundreds of adult websites to prevent pornography becoming a social nuisance, a government official said on Monday, sparking a debate about censorship and freedom in the world's largest democracy. - Amrit Dhillon [...]

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Limit teens’ web access to two hours a day, parents told

Teenagers should spend no more than two hours on the internet each day, doctors warned as they advised parents to remove laptops and gadgets from their children’s bedrooms. Many mothers and fathers remain “clueless” about the impact excessive media exposure can have on their children and need to “get with it”, it was suggested. Dr [...]

UK urges Google, Yahoo to act on child pornography

British Prime Minister David Cameron challenged the internet search engine providers Google, Yahoo and Bing on Sunday to block images of child abuse, calling for more action against online pornography. via UK urges Google, Yahoo to act on child pornography.

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