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New Study: Digital Media use among young children

40% of 2 to 4 year olds and 52% of 5 to 8 year olds using smartphones, video iPods, iPads A new study in the US by Common Sense Media Research has documented the use of digital media among young children. The startling results; toddlers today spend twice as much time in front [...]

A parent’s dilemma: All they want for Christmas is an iPad

20% of parents use a mobile devise to keep their child entertained* This year parents are under increasing pressure to buy their child an electronic device for Christmas. Even pre-schoolers are asking for the latest interactive media. Yet at $600 a pop, iPhones, iPads and iPods are not toys. So what dilemmas might [...]

iPod obsession: tuned in and switched off causes accidents

The recent release of Apple’s latest iPhone the 4S, saw hundreds queuing outside Apple stores before they had even opened. Many people, especially young people are constantly tuned into their iphones, ipods or mobile phones. But there is a dangerous down side to constantly being in touch with the world of technology. However it has [...]

Teens bow to peer pressure and sext to be accepted

New government funded research has found that the peer pressure on teenagers to send and receive sexually explicit images of each other as a way of fitting in and being accepted is huge. According to Melbourne University researcher Shelley Walker, this pressure in turn is coming from the media who are increasingly sexualising and normalising [...]

TV habits of kids: is it too much too often?

The phrase ‘square eyes’ isn’t used much anymore. But it could definitely be applied to many children and teenagers who spend copious amounts of time in front of some form of electronic media each day, including TV, computer games, videos and mobile phones. The following facts were compiled by the American Academy of Pediatrics but [...]

Report: Teenagers, Legal Risks and Social Networking Sites

Facebook is the most popular Social Networking Site (SNS), with 93.4% of teenagers using it, followed by MySpace, with 26.6%. Many students use more than one SNS. A recent study carried out in Victoria, Teenagers, Legal Risks and Social Networking Sites, took 1,004 students aged 13 to 16 years old, 204 teachers and 49 parents [...]

Sexting has now replaced flirting

80% of people in a committed relationship have sent or received sexually explicit messages. 60% have sent or received sexually explicit pictures or videos.* How we express our sexual selves is changing. It is no longer a private realm, shared only by two people. It is casual, it is uninhibited and it is out there. [...]

Why teenagers should turn off TV and turn on life

In today's society school age children are at risk from excessive screen time. Here are some interesting but alarming facts gathered by an American organisation; Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood.  Research shows the negative impact of time spend by young people in front of the "box". Including multitasking, children ages 8 to18 years old spend [...]

Sleepless in America: the dangers of using new technologies before sleep

The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) recently released its 2011 Sleep in America Poll, Exploring Connections with Communications Technology use and Sleep. The poll found that many teenagers from Generation Z (13 to 18 year olds) are using some type of electronic device like a television, computer, video game or mobile phone in the bedroom during [...]

QLD Police show you how to protect your kids online

An initiative by the Queensland Police called Who's chatting to your kids? gives parents, teachers and carers practical information on how to protect children online and what to look for if you think a child is being approached by a predator. The internet and advances in technology have been embraced by sex offenders who are [...]

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