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Help for childhood insomnia

As the day ends and evening begins, some parents are getting ready for a serious task. Not because they are preparing for a late shift at work, but because they are about to confront the battle of their children’s bedtime. And we’re not talking about infants or toddlers. These are school-aged children who suffer from [...]

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4 Ways to Help Teens Get More Sleep

When it comes to teens getting enough sleep, numerous forces are working against them. Early school start times are wreaking havoc on their circadian rhythms. An overload of after-school activities is turning bedtime into gotta-start-on-homework time. The buzz of texts from friends, the screens shining in their faces and the constant lure of just one [...]

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Why Teens Need Later School Start Time

Pixabay Images Sleep deprivation in teenagers as a result of early school start has been a topic of concern and debate for nearly two decades. So, are teenagers just lazy? I have been researching the impact of later high school start times for 20 years. Research findings show that teens' inability to get out [...]

Wide Awake At 3am? Meet The Insomniacs Who Learnt To Sleep Better

Flickr Images Anyone who has ever experienced insomnia will know how hellish it can be. Lying in bed and willing yourself to drift off, while your mind refuses to shut down, is frustrating but also incredibly anxiety-inducing. It’s a catch-22: the more you can’t sleep, the more you worry about it and the [...]

Sleep And Technology: 10 Golden Rules

Pixabay As many young adults now own a smartphone or tablet, there is a wealth of information at their fingertips and a limitless supply of social media messages, games, music and TV intruding into the sleep cycle. Evidence suggests that social media and smartphones can have a negative impact on our health with [...]

Phones, Teens and Sleep

As we come to realise how important good quality sleep is for both health and education, we find that many teens are compromising on sleep in order to stay connected to friends via their mobile phones! Pillow talk wearing phone-obsessed teens out | Herald Sun.

Tips on how to get young people to sleep

Teenagers need 9-10 hours sleep every night. Most get only 7-8 hours.* No night time stories here; just great tips on how to make sure kids get the sleep they need. Children and young people who do not get enough sleep may suffer from chronic sleep deprivation. This can affect their lives in many ways both [...]

Lack of sleep is harming kids development

Children's bed time is getting later and later. The old rule of no TV during the week and early nights because of school the next morning no longer seem to apply. With the distractions of TV, computer games, internet, texting friends and Facebook, many children are staying up way past their bedtime. When children sleep [...]

Study: insufficient sleep linked to depression in adolescents

An American study has linked insufficient sleep to depression in adolescents. The study of over 15,000 adolescents in years 7-12 looked at the relationship between set bedtimes and sleep duration and depression. The study found that teens who went to bed after midnight were 24% more likely to suffer from depression and 20% more likely [...]

Internet addiction – the ultimate mouse trap?

While there is increasingly more awareness of the problems resulting from cyberbullying, an often overlooked component of the whole cybersafety issue is internet and online video game addiction. More and more Australian families are being confronted with this very real and, according to all reports, growing problem. Robert (not his real name) sat in a [...]

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