Why is ADHD an Aussie Issue?

In the US, at least 9% of schoolchildren are on medication for ADHD. In Australia it is estimated that 11% of children and adolescents fulfill the criteria for ADHD. In France the figure is .5%. As in POINT five. Half a percent. Why is this? Well, first of all the way in which French psychiatrists [...]

Kids Spending Too Much Time in Front of Screens – Mostly with Parental Cooperation!

A recent survey of school children in NSW showed that young people are spending on average 3 hours per day in front of a screen (computer or tv), the majority of which is computer time. On weekdays about 44% of primary school and 61% of secondary school children spend more than the recommended 2 hours [...]

Net Savvy: Indigo

Indigo is a positive, body friendly, age appropriate online magazine for girls. It is also available in print form through subscription. Not only is it full of fun stuff, but it actually makes girls feel great about who they are. The emphasis is on creating a positive, independent self-perception for girls in the pre-teen and [...]

Schoolies week: reassuring advice on how to negotiate the course

Paul Dillon, author of Teenagers, Alcohol and Drugs and Generation Next speaker has some practical advice for parents and teenagers on the nature of Schoolies Week. Over the years I have attended a number of Schoolies Week celebrations and although there have always been incidents, usually linked to excessive alcohol consumption, for the most part [...]

Youthbeyondblue talks: Making the most of studying

Sudying, getting homework and assignments done and sitting exams can be difficult at the best of times, but it’s even harder for students if they’re feeling stressed, anxious or depressed. Helping students to develop good study habits, manage their time and deal with stress as it happens, can help them to stay on top of [...]

Generation Next Events for 2010: Special update

Topics presented at Generation Next events this year include: Bullying and School Violence Body Image and Eating Disorders Transition from Primary to High School Raunch Culture and the Media Teen Depression Cybersafety, and Resilience Featuring Australia’s most experienced leading experts, up to date important topics and practical advice in one event. Speakers include: Michael Carr-Gregg, Adolescent Psychologist Paul Dillon, [...]

Generation Next Seminars for 2010

The articles and blogs by Generation Next are posted to help protect our youth. Each Generation Next newsletter goes out to over 10,000 subscribers nationally. Subscribe to the Generation Next Newsletter. We hope that you, your organization and Generation Next can work together to highlight the many risk factors emerging in our modern society that threaten the [...]

WA sees dramatic increase in births by teenage girls

73 girls aged 15 years old or under became mothers 11 babies were born to 14 year old girls, and 57 babies were born to 15 year old girls. There has been a significant jump in the number of teenage girls giving birth in Western Australia. The WA Birth Registry shows five girls aged just [...]

Helping a Teenager with their diet and lifestyle choices

It is crucial that adolescents receive the required nutrients while growing and developing. However it is also just as important to take action if a teenager is above a normal healthy weight. It is sometimes difficult to find a balance when there is so much in the media about diets and body image; when all [...]

Guest Post: We all learn with style!

By Angie Wilcock. We all learn (and teach!) in a way that suits us - we might never have thought too much about it, and most of us may never have 'labelled' it! If someone were to ask you about your 'style', you may be aware that you are not a good listener, or that [...]