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“Discuss Own Struggles With Mental Health” – One Teacher’s Extraordinary Story

In October 2010, Tom Rogers, a head of history and acclaimed Tes columnist, travelled down to Cardiff to hear a speech by the then Welsh education secretary Leighton Andrews. "I was sat at a table with a number of my colleagues who’d made the trip. I can’t remember a thing that Leighton said in a [...]

Teenagers With Mental Health Issues Prefer Properly Trained Professionals In School Instead Of Teachers

The vast majority of teenagers say they experience “emotional distress” after starting secondary school but claim teachers don’t have the skills to help them, research has found. Four in every five 12- to 16-year-olds in the survey said they felt they had mental health problems but just one in 20 would turn to a teacher [...]

Why is ADHD an Aussie Issue?

In the US, at least 9% of schoolchildren are on medication for ADHD. In Australia it is estimated that 11% of children and adolescents fulfill the criteria for ADHD. In France the figure is .5%. As in POINT five. Half a percent. Why is this? Well, first of all the way in which French psychiatrists [...]

Teacher wellbeing

How often do we consider student wellbeing or welfare at school? My guess is that it would feature highly in the ethos of your school. At the very least there would be a conscious effort to ensure kids were doing “ok”, and reaching out to those considered “at risk” – whatever that risk may be. [...]

Every teacher must engage in promoting mental health

This week the Black Dog Institute (BDI) announced the roll out of its Headstrong program. With the assistance of a $500,000 grant from the NIB Foundation, The BDI plan to train over 1500 teachers in the delivery of the program in an attempt to reach over 30,000 students. Mapped to satisfy the requirements of the [...]

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