Reduce children’s test anxiety with these tips – and a re-think of what testing means

The term “test anxiety” typically conjures up images of a high school or university student obsessing over an upcoming exam. Certainly, older students have been the focus of more than a half a century of research examining test and assessment anxiety and its impact on grades. Researchers know that such test anxiety generally has a [...]

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beyondblue App Helps Keep Exam Stress At Bay

All through her VCE year, Emma Missen felt like she was drowning. A high achiever, Ms Missen had won a scholarship to her private school and felt under pressure to perform well in the exams. Those close to her knew what she was going through, but most friends at school had no clue. "I think it would [...]

Practical Tips For Parents To Support Their Child During Exams

Pixabay Images There's a dirty little secret about the year 12 exams, a secret only those who've lived through them know. It goes something like this: they don't define you, and they certainly don't define the life that's waiting for you afterwards. The subtle culture pressures that exists around this time not only [...]

The Problem With Multiple Choice Exams

It’s hard to tell if students really know the answer or are guessing, which is why one university is scrapping multiple-choice exams. Shutterstock Multiple-choice questions have become one of the mainstays of assessment at universities across Australia and the world. But is this the best approach? Or even valid? Central Queensland University has [...]

Sir Anthony Seldon Says Test Obsession Wrecks Education

Class act: principal executive Anthony Seldon, Photo: John Lawrence Thomas Gradgrind, the notorious school-board superintendent in Charles Dickens’s novel Hard Times, is alive and well and running education systems around the world, it has been claimed. That is the view of Sir Anthony Seldon, historian, biographer and vice-chancellor of the UK’s only not-for-profit [...]

Gifted Girls Suffer the Most Stress, Study Finds

Students feel too much is expected of them in year 12. Photo: Lyn Osborn Female year 12 students put the most pressure on themselves in the lead-up to exams and gifted girls who strive for top marks suffer the highest levels of stress and anxiety, new research into how Sydney teenagers cope with the HSC shows. [...]

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Helping Kids Deal with ‘Test Stress’

Many children find doing tests stressful and experience negative impacts on their wellbeing. Tests lead children to suffer from: lost sleep, absenteeism, stress, fear of failure. Encouraging children with these 7 Steps to Success for Tests can be a great opportunity to teach valuable resiliency skills that can be applied to all areas of life! Understand The Power Of Thinking. Teaching children to understand the difference between helpful and unhelpful thinking (e.g. “I [...]

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SACE SPECIAL PROVISIONS fails another dyslexic student

A year 12 student, with a significant dyslexic disability, has had his second appeal for EXTRA TIME denied in his exams by SACE.   To protect his identity, let’s call him Tom. Tom has been formally identified as a classically dyslexic student. His disability is genuine and significant. His long-term, dyslexic impairment has been comprehensively [...]

We must let our children fail

Last week in France, a 52-year-old mother took over-parenting to new heights. Donning Converse boots, skinny jeans and heavy makeup, she posed as her 19-year-old daughter and tried to sit the Baccalaureate English exam in her place. via Painful as it is, we must let our children fail.