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Sir Anthony Seldon Says Test Obsession Wrecks Education

Class act: principal executive Anthony Seldon, Photo: John Lawrence Thomas Gradgrind, the notorious school-board superintendent in Charles Dickens’s novel Hard Times, is alive and well and running education systems around the world, it has been claimed. That is the view of Sir Anthony Seldon, historian, biographer and vice-chancellor of the UK’s only not-for-profit [...]

Helping Kids Deal with ‘Test Stress’

Many children find doing tests stressful and experience negative impacts on their wellbeing. Tests lead children to suffer from: lost sleep, absenteeism, stress, fear of failure. Encouraging children with these 7 Steps to Success for Tests can be a great opportunity to teach valuable resiliency skills that can be applied to all areas of life! Understand The Power Of Thinking. Teaching children to understand the difference between helpful and unhelpful thinking (e.g. “I [...]

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Here Comes NAPLAN!

You know that NAPLAN is just around the corner each year when the media start trotting out the same old stories about kids being stressed by the tests, teachers teaching to the tests or worse – teachers and students colluding to cheat the tests!   This year it will be different ACARA says.   Schools [...]

Testing Testing 1,2,3

As the Fairfax media reports that more parents than ever were withdrawing their kids from the annual NAPLAN tests I wonder if these tests are even assessing the right things in school.   Now I realize the importance of literacy and numeracy – of course I do.   But, these tests only measure outcomes.   [...]

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