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Teaching Children why Failure MUST be an Option

“Failure is not an option” is a line immortalized in the movie “Apollo 13.” The maxim was the mission ethic of NASA engineers who fought to save the damaged Apollo 13 space capsule in 1970. The line has become so emblematic of persistence in the face of catastrophe that teenagers, professionals and  leaders around the world [...]

Want to Rebound from Failure? Feel the Pain

Feeling the pain of failure leads to more effort to correct your mistake than simply thinking about what went wrong, according to a new study. Researchers found that people who just thought about a failure tended to make excuses for why they were unsuccessful and didn't try harder when faced with a similar situation. In contrast, people who focused [...]

The ‘Tyranny’ Of Positive Thinking Can Threaten Your Health And Happiness

Images: MichaelBlann/Getty Everyone has heard “Just look on the bright side!” or “Happiness is a choice—so choose to be happy!” Countless self-help books on choosing happiness line the shelves of bookstores; You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero has been on the New York Times best-seller list for 32 weeks; and The Power of [...]

The Power Within Vulnerability

Pixabay Images So many of us have been raised to believe we can’t show any weaknesses; so many of us have learned to hide any and all of our shortcomings believing that if they were known to and seen by others we’d be judged negatively. Yet we all have them (i.e., weaknesses and [...]

We must let our children fail

Last week in France, a 52-year-old mother took over-parenting to new heights. Donning Converse boots, skinny jeans and heavy makeup, she posed as her 19-year-old daughter and tried to sit the Baccalaureate English exam in her place. via Painful as it is, we must let our children fail.

Four reasons why we need to teach our young people how to handle failure

Failure has to be an option! Tal Ben Shahar often talks about this concept -That if we cannot accept failing as a natural part of the learning process, then we never genuinely learn anything new. Yet too many students – and indeed schools – frame their educational model and practices around avoiding mistakes. Failure is [...]

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