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So many of us have been raised to believe we can’t show any weaknesses; so many of us have learned to hide any and all of our shortcomings believing that if they were known to and seen by others we’d be judged negatively.

Yet we all have them (i.e., weaknesses and limitations); and although it might seem counterintuitive, embracing our “faults” and owning our vulnerability can actually make us stronger! The power of vulnerability is one of the least used, but potentially one of the most important concepts we can apply in our lives.

Consider the following:

  • Every single one of us has failings; which means those of us who’re not perfect are by far in the way in the majority!
  • Research reported by Amy Cuddy, Harvard Business School Associate Professor, reveals that managers who show vulnerability and express empathy are rated more highly that those who focus more on appearing to be competent at all times
  • Brene Brown, probably the most famous advocate for vulnerability, Research Professor and TED superstar, proposes that vulnerability can make our lives better because it makes us and life more real!

What does she mean by this?

– Dr Tim Sharp

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