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Alcohol a Bigger Scourge Than Meth

Doctors have criticised state and federal governments over their new drug policy blueprint, accusing them of putting too much emphasis on methamphetamine and not enough on a much more damaging and deadly substance: alcohol. The Australian Medical Association says the recently released National Drug Strategy - which sets out the official approach to preventing and [...]

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Middle Class And Addicted To Ice

Flikr Images Two years ago, Melbourne man Jarrod was aged in his early 30s. From a middle class background, he had been privately educated, achieved a university degree, married and had a daughter. He was an IT executive and worked long hours, but had plenty of friends to spend time with on the [...]

Why Do Meth Addicts Appear to Age So Rapidly?

By now, most of us have seen the shocking before and after pics of people addicted to methamphetamines. Exactly what is happening inside each cell to cause such striking changes to a person’s face and body? Meth, scientists from the Italian Institute of Technology and UC Irvine say, causes abnormalities in the fat metabolism of [...]

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