Children imitating raunchy pop star moves

Over the past decade video clips and songs have become more explicit. Images and lyrics are now overtly sexual rather than implied. The worst offenders in the music world,  and those who seem to influence young people the most, are Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Snoop Dogg, Pussycat Dolls and Usher. The effects of [...]

The growing fashion trend of glamorising death

There is an increasing trend for fashion houses to glamorise death. The obsession with beautiful dead women has seen a number of recent ad campaigns idolise death, murder and suicide in women’s fashion. Young girls are being told that you can even look sexy when you are dead. Taking the theme of ‘dead women are [...]

Guest Post: The call to protect children from soft porn

Guest Post: Julie Gale. Director, Kids Free 2B Kids. Note: This blog necessarily contains explicit material not suitable for children and which may offend some readers. "It is a continual frustration that the media will not print examples of covers of pornographic material sold within view and access of children. (or examples of content and [...]

Soft porn too visible at the sweet shop counter

Generation Next founder Dr Ramesh Manocha and Generation Next seminar speakers Julie Gale (Director Kids Free 2B Kids) and Dr Michael Carr-Gregg (Author and Child & Adolescent Psychologist) were among experts and public figures who signed a letter which was recently sent to the Standing Committee of Attorneys-General Censorship Ministers. Other key figures included: The [...]

Generation Next at your school

We are currently in the process of planning the 2010 Generation Next series. Thanks to your feedback we have learned a lot of lessons about how best to run the events and use the limited financial and other resources available to us. Importantly, in 2010 we would like to explore the possibility of running the [...]

A message from Julie Gale

Issues like the sexualisation and abuse of children aren't humorous. They are serious. The Cotton On store declared in August that it would remove inappropriate slogan t-shirts after public pressure from around Australia and New Zealand - including comments from child development professionals, calling for the removal of the slogan t-shirts. Today in The Herald [...]

Primary school fashion trends causing depression

New trends for girls as young as seven to make themselves fashionable and attract the attention of young boys is causing an unprecedented rise in childhood depression and anxiety levels, psychologists have warned. Dr Joe Tucci of the Australian Childhood Foundation says the exposure of children to adult concepts is damaging the children. "Kids as [...]

Breakfast discussion on the sexualisation of children

On the 24th of September in Sydney, politician Greg Donnelly will host a breakfast discussion about the sexualisation of children titled “Raising Healthy Kids in a Sexualized World”. It will feature speakers Maggie Hamilton, Julie Gale and Melinda Tankard Reist. Presentations will be given over the course of the breakfast, with a question and answer [...]

Government refuses to protect children from sexualised music videos

The Australian government has ignored a senate proposal for stricter advertising and classification laws for sexualised music videos and ads aimed at children. The proposal came from a senate committee investigating the sexualisation of children in the media, who concluded that "the inappropriate sexualisation of children in Australia is of increasing concern." On Friday the [...]

Radio stunt involving 14-year-old rape victim "horrific invasion of rights"

Following a failed stunt with a lie detector on 2DayFM in which a 14-year-old girl revealed she had been raped, a group of 15 public figures have signed a press release calling for the program to be axed. The group, including psychologist Michael Carr-Gregg and Kids Free 2B Kids director Julie Gale, heavily criticised the [...]