Decadence: The Decline of the Western World

Fascinating documentary featuring many incisive ideas and interviews with leading thinkers including Richard Eckersley, who spoke at a number of the Mental Health and Wellbeing Seminars in 2011. Trailer and exclusive interview with Pria Viswalingam here Decadence: The Decline of the Western World. Movie website here: No showing!

Bryon Widner's Face Removed Of Tattoos | Before And After Pictures

Great story about reform of a skinhead. Many young people, especially males, are drawn to extremist ideas and gangs. We need to educate them about the reality of these organisations and provide more constructive options.Here's a real life story about a leading skinhead gang member who came to his senses..... Bryon Widner's Face Removed Of [...]

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Recent Findings: the facts about cereal nutrition for children

The Facts about cereal nutrition and food marketing to children. Published in "Journal Watch Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine", November 15 2009 Cereal companies worldwide speak to children early through everything from TV advertising and product placement on their favourite foods and clothing to the DVD's they watch and the games they play. Their campaigns are aggressive, direct and most [...]


The Generation Next blog  is going on holidays for two weeks! A big thanks to all those who have helped make this year  so successful for Generation Next! The seminar series will return next year with more seminars in more locations around Australia, we look froward to seeing you there! Have a safe and happy holiday!

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Generation Next Brisbane has sold out

Generation Next Brisbane is on tomorrow! Speakers including Dr Michael Carr-Gregg  and Paul Dillon will talk on topics including drugs and alcohol, depression, cybersafety and sexualisation to a sold out auditorium in the University of Queensland. If you've missed out you may like to subscribe to the newsletter to keep up with our regular updates [...]

Guest Post: Preventing the Transition to Psychosis in Youths

In this guest post, Dr Jackie Curtis, a psychiatrist who actively works with young people with mental health problems at the Prince of Wales Hospital, and Dr Georgie Paulik, a clinical psychologist, explain how the onset of psychosis may be prevented or delayed in high-risk youths and describe some of the research which is currently [...]

Generation Next at your school

We are currently in the process of planning the 2010 Generation Next series. Thanks to your feedback we have learned a lot of lessons about how best to run the events and use the limited financial and other resources available to us. Importantly, in 2010 we would like to explore the possibility of running the [...]

Webcast the youTHINK youth forum this Thursday

This Thursday you have the opportunity to be part of the web-cast audience for the youTHINK: Live and Online forum. Part of the National Conversation organised by the Australian Government, the forum will run from 1pm-3pm Eastern Daylight Savings Time and encourages the audience to provide live feedback to the conversation. The forum will focus [...]

Putting the ‘S’ into texting

‘Sexting’, the sending and receiving of sexually explicit images via mobile phones or other applications such as instant messaging, email or through social networking sites has, until recently, gone largely unreported. What is concerning about the activity is its rapidly increasing popularity. It was often an extension of ‘I’ll show you mine if you show [...]

What you can do about the sexualisation of children

I often get asked questions like ‘what can I do?’ about the sexualisation of children. I think the key to change is collective grass-roots action so here are just a few ideas that may help you start your own local campaign: Ask your local video store manager to move the ‘adult only' section away from [...]