This Thursday you have the opportunity to be part of the web-cast audience for the youTHINK: Live and Online forum. Part of the National Conversation organised by the Australian Government, the forum will run from 1pm-3pm Eastern Daylight Savings Time and encourages the audience to provide live feedback to the conversation.

The forum will focus on three topic areas:

  • 1pm-1:32pm – Families and Communities
  • 1:37pm-2:08pm – Education and Careers
  • 2:13pm-2:40pm – Looking after yourself and others

You can register for the event here.

The National Conversation is part of the Australian Youth Forum and will help to shape future Government policy. The National Conversation features seven key goals:

  • empowering young Australians in their schools, institutes of technology, and universities to shape their own futures
  • supporting young Australians within their families
  • mobilising young Australians within their communities
  • enabling young Australians to participate safely and confidently online
  • equipping young Australians with the skills and personal networks they need for employment
  • strengthening early intervention with young Australians to help prevent any problems getting worse and to help young people get their lives back on track
  • establishing clear cut legal consequences for behaviours that endanger the safety of others.

For more information on the forum check the site.

Writer Tristan Boyd, Editor Dr Ramesh Manocha.