Impact of music videos on men’s body image and mood

Buff blokes in music videos are giving Australian men a complex, according to new research that has found exposure to video clips of attractive and muscular singers can make men feel less satisfied with their own bodies. Dr Kate Mulgrew of the University of the Sunshine Coast, says the work, published in the journal Body [...]

Women objectify women in music videos too

It’s official: Sexual objectification of women in music videos isn’t limited to those featuring male stars. A new study by two University of Missouri researchers has found that female artists frequently turn themselves into sex objects in their own videos. “It has been known that music videos featuring male artists often sexually objectify women, but [...]

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Government refuses to protect children from sexualised music videos

The Australian government has ignored a senate proposal for stricter advertising and classification laws for sexualised music videos and ads aimed at children. The proposal came from a senate committee investigating the sexualisation of children in the media, who concluded that "the inappropriate sexualisation of children in Australia is of increasing concern." On Friday the [...]