Boozy Mum Culture Gone Too Far?

Social media feeds are rife with memes depicting exhausted women guzzling wine in giant glasses, with phrases like, "Technically, you're not drinking alone if your kids are home." They refer to wine as "mummy juice" or to the hour of "wine o'clock" - a time that all mums apparently look forward to as a way [...]

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10 Reasons Some of Us Should Cut Back on Alcohol

At this time of year, alcohol promotions, sales and consumption are prominent. Many of us enjoy celebrating a year ended, work and family gatherings, a holiday and a time to kick back and relax. But it can also be a time when we experience adverse consequences of our own or someone else’s drinking. Many of [...]

Young Swear Off Booze As Middle-age Binge Drinking Grows

It's 4.30 on Friday afternoon and Nick Swifte​ is cracking open a beer with colleagues. By his own admission, the 45-year-old advertising executive is a "drinker of some renown". "I like getting drunk. I'm a big fan of it. Working as a media buyer there is booze everywhere. Any function you go to, every achievement, every win, [...]

Exposing Kids to Booze: 26,000 Ads a Year

Would you support a change that would instantly halve children’s exposure to televised alcohol ads? New research has found that by simply changing a couple of regulations so that alcohol advertising was not allowed during sport broadcasts, and not before 9.30pm, it would halve young people’s exposure. Did you know that many children as young [...]

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Parents targeted in teen booze crackdown

Police will be given new powers to stop parents turning a blind eye to under-age drinking, making it a criminal offence to host house parties where alcohol is consumed by under-18s. Under the plan being pushed by the O'Farrell government to make it easier for police to fight the teenage booze culture, adults would face [...]