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Putting Profits Before Health

Can you remember watching Jamie’s School Dinners and being horrified at what UK and US schools were serving up to kids on a daily basis? Can you remember shaking your head in disbelief as school principals, canteen supervisors and local administrators continually argued that healthy food wasn’t financially viable in a school setting? I mean, [...]

NSW teachers $2000 out of pocket on school resources

Teachers in NSW public schools spent almost $1900 each from their own pockets to pay for school essentials last year, according to a new study. The survey of more than 1200 primary, secondary, K-12 and special education teachers, conducted by the NSW Teachers Federation, found an average out of pocket expense of $1848, or more [...]

Anglicans: Ditch the chaplaincy programme

Public schools should spend  on tackling obesity and promoting wellness and positive psychology rather than the untested chaplaincy program that are in hundreds of the state's schools, the head of Sydney's Anglican Education Commission has argued. - Alexandra Smith via Anglicans: No chaplains, scripture in public schools.

Private Schools And Their Moral Failings

Not every private school kid emerges as a Ja’mie, a Danny, nor any of the other bitches and bullies portrayed in these fictions. But these fictions tell a certain truth: there’s much more to education than what’s taught in the classroom. If public schools are values-neutral, as John Howard (who attended one) famously suggested, private [...]