Dr Donnelly

My article last week that discussed whether of not particular school discipline procedures were a breach of students’ human rights, I didn’t even think to comment on corporal punishment. Why would I? It’s not relevant these days is it? So what to make of the fact that last week, Dr Kevin Donnelly stated that, as [...]

NSW teachers $2000 out of pocket on school resources

Teachers in NSW public schools spent almost $1900 each from their own pockets to pay for school essentials last year, according to a new study. The survey of more than 1200 primary, secondary, K-12 and special education teachers, conducted by the NSW Teachers Federation, found an average out of pocket expense of $1848, or more [...]

Proactive Grief Recovery: An ideal or a great idea?

With recent focus on emotional intelligence, it seems now is the perfect time to analyse whether we are doing enough in classrooms to support our children through the process of grief recovery. As an educator, I believe our Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary Institutions should be implementing (PGR) Proactive Grief Recover - addressing grief related [...]

Beauty pageant syndrome

I recently heard of a girl who was given a boob job as a graduation present by her parents. The parents had just invested a fortune in educating their daughter in one of Australia’s top schools. But it seems the final message of her schooling was effectively to not worry her pretty little head about [...]

What will our kids lose by trying to win the “Education Race?”

Last week the Federal Government officially responded to the Gonski Report. I’m sure you heard the rousing call to arms from our Prime Minister Julia Gillard. To avoid the risk of misquoting the Prime Minister, I’ve linked to the official media release. In it Ms Gillard says: Over the past decade Australian students have fallen [...]

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