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F.D.A. Imposes Rules For E-Cigarettes In A Landmark Move

After years of debate about the health risks of electronic cigarettes, the federal government on Thursday made it final: They need to be regulated and kept out of the hands of children. The Food and Drug Administration issued sweeping new rules that for the first time extend federal regulatory authority to e-cigarettes, banning their sale to anyone under 18 [...]

Mental Health Services Crisis Diffused as Federal Government Announces Funding Renewal

"In a move worth $300 million, mental health services will have their funding renewed for a further 12 months. The announcement made today by Health Minister Sussan Ley follows a campaign by Mental Health Australia, after some mental health services began to shut down, unsure of future funding. Hundreds of contracts were due to end on [...]

Government backtracks on Racial Discrimination Act 18C changes

The Federal Government has taken contentious changes to racial discrimination laws "off the table" to protect national "unity". - Emma Griffiths via Government backtracks on Racial Discrimination Act 18C changes; pushes ahead with tough security laws - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).

Dr Donnelly

My article last week that discussed whether of not particular school discipline procedures were a breach of students’ human rights, I didn’t even think to comment on corporal punishment. Why would I? It’s not relevant these days is it? So what to make of the fact that last week, Dr Kevin Donnelly stated that, as [...]

Father wins High Court challenge on federal funding of school chaplains program

The decision could undermine the federal government's recent decision to allocate $245.3 million to continue running the chaplaincy program for another five years. That funding was intended specifically for schools to hire faith-based chaplains rather than social workers. Under the program, 3700 schools are eligible for up to $72,000 funding to employ chaplains. In a [...]

Is Your School Reaching Every Kid?

Last year, Gallup surveyed 7000 students in Years 5-12 in 36 schools across six states. The survey found that students become less engaged as they make their way through school and only 1 in 3 believe they will find a good job when they leave school. Gallup said this reflected a lack of hope. Overall, [...]