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The Reality Of Racism In Australia

Flikr Images Shannon Murdoch scored 100 per cent on her Australian citizenship. Ask her anything. Flags. Constitutions. Even what the governor-general does. She'll know the answer. In a few weeks, she will be all set to sing Advance Australia Fair. But a few weeks back, she boarded a plane in Melbourne ready to fly [...]

Government backtracks on Racial Discrimination Act 18C changes

The Federal Government has taken contentious changes to racial discrimination laws "off the table" to protect national "unity". - Emma Griffiths via Government backtracks on Racial Discrimination Act 18C changes; pushes ahead with tough security laws - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).

Racial Discrimination Act changes will hit vulnerable

Australian of the Year and AFL star Adam Goodes has slammed the Abbott government's proposed changes to the Racial Discrimination Act, claiming they attacked the most vulnerable Australians. The Sydney Swans veteran said the changes were unnecessary - ''I don't see that the system is broken'' - and thought the freedom of speech guaranteed in [...]

Are we opening the floodgates of racism and bigotry?

Under the proposed amendment to the Racial Discrimination Act released by the government today anyone can racially insult or humiliate someone as much as they like. With extraordinarily broad exemptions, it will also be virtually impossible to prosecute anyone who does meet the Government’s extremely high bar for racial vilification and intimidation. It is a [...]