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Undoing the ‘OK to Be White’ Vote May Not Undo the Damage

The Morrison government has put more than its own clumsiness on display by voting for a motion in the Senate that it is “OK to be white”. The big myth of this absurd vote was that the government made an “administrative error” and did not realise its mistake until it was too late. What is [...]

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‘Race Should not Divide Australians’: New Commissioner Chin Tan

The Malaysian-born lawyer turned academic believes its a misconception to say 'Australia is a racist country'. "There are obviously racial challenges many countries would have," he told SBS News. "But it's not the same as equating the whole nation as being racist." "I've always espoused the view that Australia, compared to many other countries around [...]

The Reality Of Racism In Australia

Flikr Images Shannon Murdoch scored 100 per cent on her Australian citizenship. Ask her anything. Flags. Constitutions. Even what the governor-general does. She'll know the answer. In a few weeks, she will be all set to sing Advance Australia Fair. But a few weeks back, she boarded a plane in Melbourne ready to fly [...]