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If we want students to feel safe at school, we can’t encourage teachers to spot potential extremists

In the wake of the Christchurch terrorist attack, former UK Prime Minister, Tony Blair told a global education forum extremism should be treated as a global problem like climate change. He said: there should be an international agreement to put teaching against extremism into education systems around the world. Following terrorist attacks, it’s understandable politicians [...]

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The skills kids need to avoid getting fooled by fake news

One day your kids are learning to walk and the next they're on their own sharing Russian propaganda on YouTube and Facebook. You might think your great-uncle using an old desktop to "surf the internets" is the person at risk of accidentally spreading "fake news" on social networks, but kids these days aren't always faring [...]

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How Love Drives Extremism

The human need for connection leads young people to be especially vulnerable to extremist groups who promise deep connection, comradeship, brotherhood and belonging. Even a cursory glance at recent books on extremism makes clear the kinds of emotions that most scholars and policymakers see as central to the appeal of the radical right. Titles like [...]

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Undoing the ‘OK to Be White’ Vote May Not Undo the Damage

The Morrison government has put more than its own clumsiness on display by voting for a motion in the Senate that it is “OK to be white”. The big myth of this absurd vote was that the government made an “administrative error” and did not realise its mistake until it was too late. What is [...]

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My School Roommate Was Recruited by A Terrorist Group

Noor Huda Ismail went to an Islamic boarding school that was opened by the founders of Jama'ah Islamiyah. Photo: Kate Geraghty As an individual, this boy will be nobody. But if he joined Islamic State to fight, he will be hero to some. Who doesn't want to be hero? For them, being part [...]