Australia Broadly Tolerant, But Pockets Of Intense Prejudice Remain

Flickr Images "Social cohesion is not a destination,” says Andrew Markus. “We don’t get to the destination and say we’ve done it. It’s something we need to work at.” Markus is a Monash University professor who oversees the Scanlon reports, a now regular and widespread exercise to measure social cohesion in Australia. Its [...]

What Does Diversity Do To Kids’ Brains?

Pixabay Images There’s some intriguing new brain science going on that might tell us interesting things about racial prejudice. As it’s gotten less and less acceptable for people to express explicitly racist beliefs and opinions, many researchers have turned their attention to so-called implicit bias, or the subtle, often unconscious ways people respond to people [...]

The Reality Of Racism In Australia

Flikr Images Shannon Murdoch scored 100 per cent on her Australian citizenship. Ask her anything. Flags. Constitutions. Even what the governor-general does. She'll know the answer. In a few weeks, she will be all set to sing Advance Australia Fair. But a few weeks back, she boarded a plane in Melbourne ready to fly [...]

You’re probably more racist than you think

Although it is perfectly possible to be both stupid and racist, only someone who hasn’t personally experienced it could be ignorant enough to claim racism not only doesn’t exist but is really just an expression of stupidity, and hence we should tolerate it as fact of life. And yet, the internet is littered with the opinions of [...]

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Is Australian TV racist? Bloody oath it is, mate!

The overwhelming message is that opportunities for actors who are, or look like, ''ethnics'' are significantly lower than for whites and that Australian TV networks are failing to represent the racial and ethnic make-up of what is one of the most culturally diverse countries on the planet. via Diversity still out of the picture | [...]

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Is Home and Away racist?

Home and Away actor Jay Laga'aia has accused the show of racism saying he was dropped because the series already had a character of ethnic background. It's not only Play School that needs racial diversity. Shows that teenagers and grown-ups consume such as Home and Away should also more accurately represent multicultural Australia.     [...]

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