5 Australian books that can help young people understand their place in the world

Alfred Tatum, a US education professor specialising in literacy for African American boys, coined the term “bookprint”. He said it’s something we all have – a list of books that have impacted how we see ourselves and the world. What we read matters. Reading shapes the way we see the world, increases our understanding of [...]

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Dissociative disorders are nearly as common as depression. Why haven’t we heard about them?

Dissociative disorders are often said to be rare. But our soon-to-be published analysis of international studies suggest they affect 10-11% of the population at some point in their lives. This makes them nearly as common as mood disorders (such as clinical depression). So what are dissociative disorders, why is diagnosis controversial and how can people [...]

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How Group Membership Can Help Combat Depression

Too many people know the suffering of depression firsthand. Approximately one in five experience it at some stage in their life – the figure is even higher in areas afflicted by disaster, trauma or poverty. It would be a lucky person indeed who avoids seeing depression in either themselves or the people they love. So [...]

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Bigotry And The Racial Discrimination Act

Why does the Racial Discrimination Act matter? Some can forget that almost half of our population is either born overseas or is the son or daughter of someone who was born overseas. So when racism happens, it's something that isn’t marginal. It isn’t something confined to one or two per cent of our population, but [...]

You’re probably more racist than you think

Although it is perfectly possible to be both stupid and racist, only someone who hasn’t personally experienced it could be ignorant enough to claim racism not only doesn’t exist but is really just an expression of stupidity, and hence we should tolerate it as fact of life. And yet, the internet is littered with the opinions of [...]

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Pretending to be a cyber-predator

Throughout June I was involved in a project with channel nine to highlight the fact that if we are part of the digital world we already will most likely have a large amount of personal information online and if other users wish to gain access to that information, whether directly or indirectly, it's not a [...]