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Five Things Brown People Hear That White People Don’t

Getty Images 1. "Where are you from?" This is a question I'm frequently confronted with, often within moments of meeting someone for the first time. Having been born in Melbourne, I am necessarily from Melbourne. Fact. Nevertheless, I am pressed ever further to divulge the elusive secrets of my mysterious antecedents. I imagine my inquisitor's [...]

How marketers use psychology to influence what we buy

Did you know that the information provided by a salesperson wearing a red sweater seems more accurate than information provided by a shop assistant in blue? Or that women are more likely to be interested in a service they hear advertised by a man with a creaky voice than a woman with a creaky voice? [...]

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You’re probably more racist than you think

Although it is perfectly possible to be both stupid and racist, only someone who hasn’t personally experienced it could be ignorant enough to claim racism not only doesn’t exist but is really just an expression of stupidity, and hence we should tolerate it as fact of life. And yet, the internet is littered with the opinions of [...]

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Do fashion magazines perpetuate racism?

As long as the West continues to accept the portrayal of people of colour as generic, interchangeable bodies with which to contrast modern, individual white models, then there can be no room for empathy; they will remain the "other". Self-criticism is a fundamental and essential trait of any society that wishes to progress. The issue [...]

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