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Eyes on WA school students accused of sex offences

Dozens of WA school students have been convicted or accused of sex offences and need to be monitored under risk assessment management plans, Education Minister Sue Ellery has revealed. She told a hearing at State Parliament last week there were 72 students under RAMPs. “The department has been notified about 72 cases where students are [...]

Sex, Schoolies and the Age of Consent

Photo source:, The annual pilgrimage to schoolies for tens of thousands of high school graduates can throw up some tricky questions ... about sex. The migration of teenagers to different states creates murky legal dilemmas, particularly around the issue of consent. In Queensland, a popular destination for schoolies celebrations, the age of [...]

FARE Study Finds Many People Think It’s Okay to Give Other People’s Kids Alcohol

Would you give alcohol to another person's child? Photo: George Doyle Would you give alcohol to another person's child? Nearly a third of people say it's OK, if the kids are in a safe environment. A study from the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (FARE) has found people tend to think supplying [...]

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Bigotry And The Racial Discrimination Act

Why does the Racial Discrimination Act matter? Some can forget that almost half of our population is either born overseas or is the son or daughter of someone who was born overseas. So when racism happens, it's something that isn’t marginal. It isn’t something confined to one or two per cent of our population, but [...]

The Racial Discrimination Act needs strengthening – not weakening: a public health perspective

We are having the wrong debate about the Racial Discrimination Act. Rather than moving to water it down, we should be investigating how the Act might be strengthened in order to reduce the public health burden of racism. This argument is made below by Deakin University academics, Dr Naomi Priest, a Senior Research Fellow in [...]

Suicide voyeur has case overturned

The conviction of an American ‘‘suicide voyeur’’ who encouraged a British man and Canadian woman to take their own lives in an internet chat room has been overturned on free speech grounds. - Philip Sherwell via Suicide voyeur William Melchert-Dinkel, who posed as a female nurse and went by the name 'Falcon Girl', has case overturned.