FARE Study Finds Many People Think It’s Okay to Give Other People’s Kids Alcohol

Would you give alcohol to another person's child? Nearly a third of people say it's OK, if the kids are in a safe environment. A study from the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (FARE) has found people tend to think supplying alcohol to teenagers is much less morally concerning than other illegal alcohol related [...]

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Teenage Drinking On The Decline

Our boozy Australian culture may soon be extinct if the results of a recent survey are anything to go by. Published in the scientific journal Addiction, the survey led by Dr Michael Livingston of Australia’s National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre compiled the responses of more than 2500 Australians aged 14 to 17. It found [...]

Alcohol promotions are targeting children

It seems that for many young people a good night out on the town now a days consists of a cocktail of too much alcohol, added to a dash of caffeinated energy drink and mixed  with some kind of violent altercation. More than 3,500 Australians are hospitalised each year with brain injuries caused by assaults, [...]