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Alcohol Industry Subverting Science To Prevent Greater Regulation

The alcohol industry makes claims to governments that contradict and obfuscate science in an attempt to influence marketing regulations and prevent more stringent controls on products, an Australian study has found. An author of the paper, Prof Kypros Kypri, said the findings showed that alcohol industry lobbying of politicians and involvement in discussions about policy [...]

Alcohol Advertising In Sport: Influence And Irony

Encounter Youth In Australia, alcohol advertisements are not permitted on TV during times that children are likely to be watching, usually defined as between 7:00am and 8:30pm[1]. There is however, one glaring exception to this rule: alcohol advertising in sport. As long as it is during a sport broadcast, alcohol is free to [...]

Australia’s daily alcohol toll: 15 deaths and 430 hospitalisations

Prof Moodie said is was important to challenge the alcohol industry’s claims that Australia does not have an alcohol problem. “I would like to see sensible restrictions on alcohol advertising, promotions and sponsorship,” he said. - Alexandra Miller via Australia's daily alcohol toll: 15 deaths and 430 hospitalisations.

Action needed to protect kids from alcohol ads

The AMA Vice President, Dr Stephen Parnis, this week launched the second annual report of the Alcohol Advertising Review Board at Parliament House in Canberra. The reported provides further evidence that self-regulation of alcohol advertising is ineffective and many alcohol companies are ignoring concerns about young people’s exposure to ads through sport, TV and online. [...]

Alcohol promotions are targeting children

It seems that for many young people a good night out on the town now a days consists of a cocktail of too much alcohol, added to a dash of caffeinated energy drink and mixed  with some kind of violent altercation. More than 3,500 Australians are hospitalised each year with brain injuries caused by assaults, [...]

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