Alcohol Industry Subverting Science To Prevent Greater Regulation

The alcohol industry makes claims to governments that contradict and obfuscate science in an attempt to influence marketing regulations and prevent more stringent controls on products, an Australian study has found. An author of the paper, Prof Kypros Kypri, said the findings showed that alcohol industry lobbying of politicians and involvement in discussions about policy [...]

Is it time to sue the alcohol industry for preying on young people?

In a paper delivered to the Right to Childhood conference in Sydney recently, Professor Mike Daube made the case for suing the industry, making it pay for the human damage. ‘‘There is massive evidence on the impacts of alcohol on our community. It is a health problem, a social problem, an economic problem, a law [...]

Alcohol marketing targets black youth

It is no secret that for decades, tobacco companies have filled disadvantaged communities with advertising and marketing attracting generations of young people of color to the products they peddle. A new report from the Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health finds that alcohol companies are taking [...]

Alcohol Industry self-regulation has failed

The Alcohol Marketing and Young People: Time for a new policy agenda report provides a comprehensive, contemporary overview of the methods, the tricks and the effects of alcohol marketing to young people. “Alcohol marketing is a pervasive and dangerous presence in the lives of our young people,” Dr Hambleton said. “Young people are starting to [...]