Media Violence – Busting the Myths!, Istockphoto The American Psychological Association has just released a review of the research on the impact of playing violent video games. Contrary to what the mass media, the gaming industry and many gamers would have us believe, the jury is still not out on whether ongoing exposure to violent video games poses [...]

Liquid Poison: Exposing the harms of binge drinking

Girl Mag Watch Girlfriend July 2013 Melinda Tankard Reist In my talks in schools around the country, I am told distressing stories of alcohol-related harm. Violence, sexual assault, damage to physical and mental health. My friend and colleague Paul Dillon, a drug educator with 25 years experience and founder of  Drug and Alcohol Research and [...]

Girls gone wild

According to NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics data, the number of juvenile female offenders soared by 36 per cent in the decade to June 2009, compared to an 8 per cent increase for juvenile males. There's anecdotal evidence, too. In September 2011, YouTube clips of pre-arranged brawls between girls as young as 14 in Sydney's [...]

It’s Time to Write the Violence OUT of Children’s Books

Naomi Cook is a Registered Nurse, Health Activist and Author of an up and coming children’s Trilogy called “The Pharaoh Prophecies”. Here she shares her thoughts on the rising amount of violence in kids books and how she thinks we are harming the psychological wellbeing of our youth through violent trends in literature.   I [...]

Alcohol marketing targets black youth

It is no secret that for decades, tobacco companies have filled disadvantaged communities with advertising and marketing attracting generations of young people of color to the products they peddle. A new report from the Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health finds that alcohol companies are taking [...]

Students troubled by role adults play in school bullying

AS SCHOOLS struggle with the problem of bullying, the role that adults play is often overlooked. According to students who previewed a confronting new American documentary on the subject, threatening and violent behaviour gets worse when adults ignore it, condone it or just play it down as ''kids just being kids''. via Students troubled by [...]

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