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Girl Mag Watch Dolly 2013

Stamping out bullies, stress and child labour: Dolly May issue gets a tick (mostly) ‘Operation 1 less Bully’ is a four-page case against bullying, featuring personal stories of celebrities who have joined the movement to stop it. Some were bullied, others stood up to bullies, and one recognised she was a bully in the past [...]

Bullying And Mental Health: Study Links Anxiety, Hyperactivity In Kids To Bullying

Much research probing the link between bullying and mental health has focused on how being bullied contributes to the development of issues like anxiety and depression. But a new study suggests the relationship goes both ways, finding that boys and girls with mental health disorders are three times more likely to be the bully. The [...]

The Parenting Minefield That is Social Media

Every child is just one decision away from making a mistake.  As parents, we hope to help them avoid these mistakes by teaching responsibility – but, errors in judgment are an important part of the learning process on the road to adulthood. Unfortunately, the Internet introduces new challenges in parenting.  Now, in the blink of [...]

Students troubled by role adults play in school bullying

AS SCHOOLS struggle with the problem of bullying, the role that adults play is often overlooked. According to students who previewed a confronting new American documentary on the subject, threatening and violent behaviour gets worse when adults ignore it, condone it or just play it down as ''kids just being kids''. via Students troubled by [...]

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Bully Psychology: Where Evolution And Morality Collide

In the most basic terms, bullying is about dominating – and we come from ancestors who were big into the dominance hierarchy. As Christopher Boehm, PhD, who literally wrote the book on it (Moral Origins), says, “Any species that has a social dominance hierarchy, like apes or monkeys or wild dogs or lions, has bullies.” [...]

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