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Why Doesn’t Sex Ed Cover Body Image?

Without a doubt, American sexual education needs a lot of work. Only 25 states even mandate that it be taught in public schools, and only 13 states require those sex ed programs to be medically accurate. In 2016, a study published by the Guttmacher Institute found today's teens are actually receiving less education on topics like contraception and STI prevention than they [...]

S3x Trafficking Of Australian Children

Film Director Libby Spears Yes it happens. But here’s what we can do … By Melinda Tankard Reist, Author & Speaker Last weekend, the Good Weekend Guide featured the story of a 38-year-old Carrie Bailee who at the age of 9 was sold into a pedophile ring by her father. The article sent [...]

Teenagers more anxious and depressed

Teenagers are experiencing more depression and anxiety than they did a decade or more ago, with doctors reporting an increase in the most serious and difficult cases. A review of 19 studies conducted across 12 countries has found the majority showed a deterioration in the mental health of teenage girls when it came to depressive and [...]

#selfies – you are worth more than the sum total of your ‘likes’

I was somewhat disappointed by last Monday night’s Australian Story, on the ‘selfie’ phenomenon. The thirty minutes were more about Olympia and her arty family than about the posturing culture, which is the current fad in teenage hood. I was however, intrigued by Olympia’s reflections of this ‘selfie’ culture, “We’re faking it, so that we [...]

Girl Mag Watch Dolly 2013

Stamping out bullies, stress and child labour: Dolly May issue gets a tick (mostly) ‘Operation 1 less Bully’ is a four-page case against bullying, featuring personal stories of celebrities who have joined the movement to stop it. Some were bullied, others stood up to bullies, and one recognised she was a bully in the past [...]

Pro-ana websites

''Ana'' is not a real person but an identity, adopted as self, friend and foe, the embodiment of anorexia. Her speech is the self-talk and self-hate that typifies a condition that is all about internalising how you look - or think you look - on the outside, and clinging to the conviction that salvation lies [...]

Girlfriend – Girl mag Watch

From Mindfulness to Masturbation: Girlfriend’s January issue ‘Switched on: Sorting out the small things’ provides readers with 10 things they need to know about 2013, which ranges fascinatingly from the Australian Federal Election and our troops exiting Afghanistan, to One Direction’s World Tour and actors Ryan Gosling and Robert Paterson in Australia. ‘Are you a [...]

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Advice on standing against sexist stereotypes, teen marriage, budgeting and managing internet

Girl Mag Watch Dolly January 2013 Good advice on standing against sexist stereotypes, teen marriage, budgeting and managing internet - but why so much on scoring a boyfriend? In its first edition for the year, Dolly brings readers some important content to help them launch into 2013. ‘Sexism: what’s it all about?’ examines how gender-based [...]

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