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S3x Trafficking Of Australian Children

Film Director Libby Spears Yes it happens. But here’s what we can do … By Melinda Tankard Reist, Author & Speaker Last weekend, the Good Weekend Guide featured the story of a 38-year-old Carrie Bailee who at the age of 9 was sold into a pedophile ring by her father. The article sent [...]

By standing up for sex workers are we standing up for pimps?

There now exists a mountain of empirical research, not only from feminist social scientists, but also from psychologists, clinicians, nurses, anthropologists and economists, of the harms of prostitution for women. These harms include post-traumatic stress disorder, genital and other physical injuries, pregnancy, depression and anxiety, and social isolation. It has been known since the late [...]

Net Savvy: Coalition Against Trafficking in Women (CATWA)

Coalition Against Trafficking in Women Australia (CATWA)  CATWA is the Australian branch of CATW International, a Non Governmental Organization approved by the United Nations Economic and Social Council. It works locally and internationally to end all forms of sexual exploitation of women, especially the violence of prostitution, trafficking and pornography. AIMS: To promote recognition that [...]

Website carries ads selling sex

The online classified ads website Craigslist set up by American Mr. Craig Newmark, which has classified advertisements all around the world including Australia has been accused of posting ads that sell sex. The ‘adult services’ section on his website is used by many people who deal in human trafficking and pimps who place ads which [...]